Field Tests

Marsa Matrou – Egypt
In-Field Postharvest with a PRS Reefer Container

The harvested products at ambient temperature (+32°C), such as the figs shown here, were directly loaded onto the PRS Reefer Container in the field in three different steps during which the door remained open for more than four hours with a consequent internal temperature increase, which was rapidly recovered after the closing of the door, thus guaranteeing excellent foodstuff preservation.

The container was then shipped directly to the destination by sea freight rather than air freight. After 14 days, the figs in the PRS Reefer Container were still in their original condition at the temperature of 2°C without any additional thermal charge, confirming the feasibility of sea freight.

Food Logistic 1
Food Logistic 2
Food Logistic 3

Agadir – Morocco
PRS In-Field Postharvest Procedure versus the Conventional Procedure 

Food Logistic 5
Weighing under a ventilated tent
Food Logistic 6
Transport to packing center

Transport to the packing center results in the first product weight loss during the production logistic chain. Upon arrival at the packing center, the products are watered to reduce the temperature and recover part of the lost humidity.

Food Logistic 4
In-Field Postharvest procedure with PRS Reefer Container with immediate postharvest product pull-down

Harvested products at ambient temperature are directly loaded onto the PRS Reefer Container in the field. The door remains regularly open, without affecting the cooling of the foodstuff.