PRS Thermoboxes

Type Thermobox M Thermobox L
External length 905 mm 895 mm
External width 520 mm 860 mm
External height 880 mm 1.110 mm
Volume 200 liter 400 liter
Tare weight 50 kg 100 kg
Max. gross weight 200 kg 400 kg
Internal temperature 0 / +4°C 0 / +4°C
Energy consumption 0,3 kWh 0,6 kWh
Thermal Characteristics
Ambient temperature (ATP) + 30°C + 30°C
Thermal Autonomy at ambient temperature 48 - 120 hours 48 - 120 hours
Internal temperature 0 / +4°C 0 / +4°C


Versatile Refrigeration Units for Last Mile Distribution

PRS Thermoboxes are versatile and ideal for the transportation and cold storage of fresh and perishable goods, such as fruits, vegetables, vaccines and temperature-sensitive drugs.

PRS Thermoboxes 1
PRS Thermoboxes 2
PRS Thermoboxes with stand-alone Thermo Charger

PRS Thermoboxes maintain thermal autonomy for 48-120 hours and therefore, fresh foodstuff and pharmaceutical products can be stored and transported without a plug-in genset.  This feature is most impressive for airfreight and multi-temperature cargo, since PRS Thermoboxes can be handled like dry parcels.

Operating Availability

While conventional reefer equipment requires periodical maintenance, PRS Thermoboxes do not require any maintenance, thus guaranteeing 100% service availability.