PRS Thermoboxes for vehicles

Versatile vehicles for up and downstream trans-shipment

Thermoboxes for vehicles

PRS provides also Thermoboxes, which can be mounted on vans. Based on PRS Technology, it has an accumulated thermal capacity sufficient to cover the heat load from the ambient. The frequent opening of the doors, does not affect internal temperature. The thermal charge is made by a standalone Smart Thermo Charger.

In case reefer containers cannot be placed directly on the field, it is possible to use a van with a PRS Thermobox mounted on it, which support postharvest logistics from the field to the packinghouse.

The accumulated thermal capacity of the PRS Thermobox enables both to absorb the heat from the ambient and the one from the products, thus preventing the overheating due to the natural effect of the metabolic heat and starting immediately product pull-down in high relative humidity ambient.

The result is the enhanced shelf life of the products without the use of chemical preservatives and the possibility of harvesting more ripe products with significantly better quality and higher weight.

Similarly, such a van with PRS Thermobox, allows efficient last mile logistic, for fresh food, flowers and pharma products distribution.

Thermoboxes for vehicles 2

Electric cart with PRS Thermobox

This electric cart is best suited for a complete range of cold chain activities in city areas with limited traffic access.

It is versatile, sustainable and guarantees a thermal autonomy of 16 hours. The frequent opening of the door of the Thermobox does not affect internal temperature.

Both van and cool box are absolutely environmentally friendly and noise free.

Thermoboxes for vehicles 3
Thermoboxes for vehicles 4