PRS Smart Thermo Charger

The PRS Smart Thermo Charger (STC) performs the Thermal Charge of the PRS Reefer Containers by circulating the refrigerant into the Thermo Accumulators that are installed inside the PRS Reefer Containers.

The STC has not to be refilled with the refrigerant because it circulates in a closed circuit. After passing through the Thermal Accumulators, the refrigerant returns to the STC.

In accordance with the applicable specifications and the available current, one STC can generate the Thermal Charge of one or more PRS Reefer Containers.

The duration of the Full Thermal Charge depends on environmental conditions and the status of the PRS Reefer Container. The standard Full Thermal Charge typically requires 48 to 72 hours.

After Full Thermal Charge, the PRS Reefer Container has a Thermal Autonomy of 25 days.

While the Full Thermal Charge has to be made before loading the products, the Routine Thermal Charge can also be made with the products already loaded into the PRS Reefer Container.

In the case of unforeseeable conditions, the Smart Thermo Charger can power off and the Thermal Autonomy will be equally proportional to the amount of thermal energy supplied.

STC performing the Thermal Charge of PRS Reefer Containers