Pharmaceutical Logistics

Cold Chain Reliability - the Fundamental Requirement for Pharmaceutical Logistics

Most drugs and pharmaceutical products have to be transported under controlled ambient conditions.

PRS Equipment, after the Pre-Trip Thermal Charge,
guarantees Controlled Internal Conditions
during the entire Door-to-Door Transport

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Conventional Equipment

During trans-shipments, the Reefer Units of conventional containers are not operating and, therefore, the internal conditions are not controlled.

PRS Equipment

The absence of any moving part and the independence from the power supply guarantee the highest reliability standard and the continuity of the cold chain operation.

Operating Cost Saving

PRS Reefer Containers are optimal for end to end long haul mass logistics as they are operated at “dry unit costs” instead of “reefer unit costs” 

PRS Thermopallets and Thermoboxes are optimal for the last mile distribution as the Pharmaceutical Products can be delivered by dry couriers and the use of PRS Equipment, covering the required temperature range, reduces the number of vehicles necessary for the last-mile distribution.

Preservation Conditions and Data Monitoring

The temperature control in any operational conditions allows maintaining the optimal storage conditions of the products.

PRS Reefer Containers are equipped with temperature and humidity sensors with a blockchain data logger that provides the data relevant to the entire transport.

Insurance Cost Savings Thanks to intrinsic Reliability

The intrinsic reliability of the PRS Cold Chain minimizes the risk of the “loss of cold”, which is one of the main components of the insurance transport cost.

Energy Saving of PRS Reefer Containers

The certified reduction of energy consumption versus conventional reefer container is 81,9%.

Reduction of Energy Consumption

After the 48-72 hours Pre-Trip Thermal Charge, the PRS Reefer Containers are energy autonomous and are handled as dry containers.

PRS Thermobox Competitive Advantages vs. Removable Eutectic Packs

The Thermal Charge of PRS Thermopallets and Thermoboxes is performed by connecting the Smart Thermo Charger, without removing the internal installed Thermal Accumulators and with the Pharmaceutical products inside. On the contrary, conventional reefer transport units require the removal of the eutectic packs, placing them in a freezer, and then reinstalling them with high time-consuming activity.

PRS Thermal Charge

The Thermal Charge of PRS Equipment is executed and monitored by the Smart Thermo Charger without the supervision of personnel during the Charge. The connection and disconnection take only few minutes.


The PRS built-in data logger continuously monitors internal temperature and relative humidity.