Fish Logistics

PRS Terchnology is Well Suited for Cold Refrigeration of Fishing Products

Several tests executed with the participation of governmental offices, fishing fleet companies, fish distributors, as well as certified veterinary institutes in charge of phytosanitary analysis confirmed that Passive Refrigeration is the ideal solution for the preservation of fish and seafood products. The quality was the main goal of the test. Practically all the products which have been processed in accordance with the applicable practices have arrived at the point of sale in rigor mortis and have been sold at premium prices.

Use of PRS Technology

It has covered all cycles from onboard refrigeration up to the delivery to the points of sale.

Operating Costs

PRS has proven to operate at competitive costs and with operational flexibility able to cover the intrinsic fluctuations of the fishing industry.

Loss of Product due to Deterioration

Despite the hostile operating and climatic conditions and the strict quality control procedures, the loss of products or the underprice sales have been practically null.

Elimination of Ice for Product Pull-Down - Conservation and Transport

It has allowed the reduction of the tare, the extension of the shelf life of the products and the elimination of liquid loss due to ice melting which is particularly unwelcome by carriers.

PRS Reefer Containers Instead of Conventional Cold Stores for Seafood Preservation at Arrival

The optimal conditions of conservation, both in terms of temperature and relative humidity (>95%), have allowed multiplying the shelf life of the seafood keeping the brilliance and the rigor mortis thus allowing to keep in stock the surplus and send it with the following shipment.

The Functioning of PRS Equipment

It has allowed optimizing the handling of the catch picking it directly from the fishing boats or the canoes in the sea, eliminating the interruption of the cold chain and perform the deliveries directly to the points of sale. The longer shelf life, the onboard packing into the Thermoboxes and their discharging to the shuttle boats have allowed reducing the frequency of return to the port of the fishing boats, thus increasing the operating efficiency.

PRS Cold Chain

The integration between PRS Thermopallet with PRS Reefer Containers has resulted in an extremely reliable and uninterrupted cold chain with optimal and constant temperature and relative humidity (> 95%) with an overall cost which is a fraction compared with the conventional technology.