PRS Passive Refrigeration Solutions SA, founded in 2012 with headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland, has developed the unique worldwide-patented Passive Refrigeration Technology. Thanks to this Technology, the PRS Reefer Containers and the other PRS Reefer Equipment guarantee, after the Pre-Trip Thermal Charge, an unplugged and uninterrupted Door-To-Door Multimodal Cold Chain with Thermal Autonomy up to 25 days.

The Passive Refrigeration Technology is a spin-off of the Passive Conditioning Technology. The latter was invented and patented worldwide to meet the extreme requirements of telecommunications installed in a hostile desert environment.

Theoretical research of PRS started in 1989, and from 2013 has made possible to solve crucially fundamental and the technical issues related to the construction of large equipment such as 10'HC, 20'HC, 40'HC, 45'HC containers, thus making possible to manufacture a marketable version. 

PRS SA provides solutions from Mass Multimodal Logistics to the Last Mile Distribution operated as dry units, of highly perishable fresh food, medical and chemical products.

The PRS Equipment IP is protected by international invention patents and invention patent applications.

In 2017 PRS SA established the Joint-Venture Sino-European AOK-PRS Cold Chain Co., Ltd. based in the Qingdao area in China.

Mission Statement

PRS’s mission consists of research, development and production of high-tech innovative reefer systems.  

PRS unique cutting-edge patented Technology optimizes the use of energy in all the thermodynamic applications for the preservation and transport of perishable products and implements a Farm-to-Market environmentally friendly cold chain for the well-being and healthy lives of people. PRS Technology applies the Principles of the European Green Deal.

The activity has been carried out in close cooperation with leading universities and internationally accredited research centers.