Seafreight Transport from North East Italy to Saudi Arabia – February 2019  Overall transit time 16 days

PRS container load: baby leaf salad

Scope of the shipment: to compare the product transported with PRS sea freight and the one with the airfreight.

Result: the product shipped with PRS container arrived in perfect and better conditions than the one sent by airfreight.


PRS container temperature and at the unstuffing at the arrival in Saudi Arabia


Salad at the arrival in Saudi Arabia

Presentation at the IRTA Convention in Barcelona – May 2019


Presentation of PRS Technology

Sino-European AOK-PRS Cold Chain Equipment Co. Ltd.

11th Global Cold Chain Summit in Qingdao June 2019 by Sino-European AOK-PRS Cold Chain Equipment Co. Ltd.

Summit Conference Hall
During AOK-PRS Presentation
AOK-PRS Container Presented at the Summit
During AOK-PRS Presentation

Conclusion of Weight Loss Tests in Spain – October 2019


The test was performed comparing the peaches stored for 25 days in a conventional reefer vs. the ones preserved in a PRS container for the same period.

The result was a reduction of weight loss of 66% of the peaches preserved in the PRS container vs. the ones preserved in the conventional reefer

Thermal Autonomy test for Spanish Railway Dec.-Jan 2019-2020

Scope: to verify the capacity of a PRS container to cover the South-North Europe route without intermediate Thermal Charge

Transit time: the required minimum transit time was 8 days.

Result: the container, directly exposed to the sun, maintained the 0/+4°C for 39 days thus demonstrating the capacity to cover a full return trip without an intermediate recharge.

Participation to Agrilogistica in Berlin and presentation of PRS Technology on Feb. 5th at 3.30 pm

Rail-Seafreight Transport from Padova-Naples to Newark-New York - February 28

Scope: to verify the environmental impact of PRS logistics vs. the conventional logistics and the compliance of PRS with the Principles of European Green Deal.

PRS Equipment: 20’HC container

Test execution: transport by rail and sea freight of highly perishable products such as different types of salad which are normally transported by truck and airfreight. The load will be completed with and Limoni di Sorrento.

Route: transport of salad from north-east of Italy to Naples by railway, then load of further types of salad and complete the stuffing with Limoni di Sorrento, sea freight to Newark and then trucking to New York City where the container will be opened and the products analyzed and sold to local distributors.

End-to-end transit time: 25 days

  • the following conventional vs. PRS container transport comparative analysis will be executed:
  • Weight loss
  • Preservation
  • CO2 generation
  • Energy consumption

Info dissemination: the results of the test will be communicated to the European Commission and disseminated to the Major Market Players.