In 2017, PRS founded a joint-venture with AOK Industry Group, a reputed technological Chinese company located in Qingdao in the Shandong Province.

The AOK Industry Group is divided into four business sectors: innovation technology, health system, film and television media and capital management.

The Sino-European AOK-PRS Cold Chain joint venture combines the resources of the cold chain industry and adopts Passive Refrigeration Technology from PRS, thus disrupting the existing conventional refrigeration technology and leads the technical innovation of the cold chain industry.  The joint venture integrates several international patents and has been awarded Best World Technological Innovation in the Agricultural Sector by the United Nations.  PRS Technology has made great breakthroughs in extending food shelf life, reducing the rates at which the weight of food and its nutrients are lost, energy saving, and environmental protection.  The production covers marine and intermodal PRS Reefer Containers, Thermoboxes and Thermopallets, Thermal Accumulators for vans, trucks, trailers and cold stores.

The company fully complies with green and low Carbon requirements, with a mission of protecting the earth’s environment, aiming to create a more environmentally friendly, high-quality cold chain industry, wishing all mankind to share a healthier and better life.

AOK Industry Group


In 2019 PRS signed a strategic partnership with the Spanish company INPROUS.

INPROUS was founded in 2011 with the purpose of offering personalized transport and logistics solutions, guaranteeing the proper delivery of products requiring low temperatures, without ever breaking the cold chain during the transport and storage.

INPROUS will manufacture and distribute Thermopallets and Thermoboxes with the cutting-edge and eco-friendly PRS Technology.