PRS Passive Refrigeration Solutions SA

Passive Refrigeration for Uninterrupted and Unplugged Multimodal
Temperature-Controlled End-to-End Logistics
  • Unplugged Operations
  • Saving 81.9% of Energy Consumption
  • Eco-Friendlier Intermodal Transport instead of Airfreight
PRS Competitive Advantages
  • PRS Reefer Containers with 25 Days of Thermal Autonomy
  • Marine, Intermodal and Offshore Containers handled as Dry One
  • Use of Energy is Limited only to Pre-Trip Thermal Charge (PTTC)
PRS Products
  • Cutting-Edge and Eco-Friendly Technology
  • Guarantees Unplugged and Uninterrupted Cold Chain
  • Brings Benefits to the Green Deal
PRS Technology
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